Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout all my student-life, I’ve gone through many different types of studying for all different types of tests. For the bigger ones, it would be a lot more detail oriented since it would usually be covering a ton more information and was probably an end of the year test. I would try to gather up all the material from that unit/what would be on the test and use that for flash cards. I think the basic on all levels of tests is flash cards. It’s a quick and easy way to relate things to one another but not necessarily get things to stick that’s why I mostly use it on smaller chapter tests. I think it’s good to still use overall but you still need to take a more specific and defined approach to the test. Putting together a list of the most important topics that would cover most of the test is what I would start with first. I wanted to know my time was going where it was most needed. Then I split it into what I was sure I knew and what I know I needed help on. I would create a page for each thing and focusing on making sure the ones I wasn’t sure on had the most written. Once I did this I would spend time looking up those things also while trying to use flash cards on the subject to strength my knowledge on it. It was a back and forth between the flash cards to get me familiar with it and also trying to read up on each thing to actually understand it. I think a lot of kids just try to have a quick memory of everything instead of truly learning the material for future use. That’s why using something supplementary to the flash cards is a big help.

Adam from Indiana
High School Senior
Brownsburg High School