Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The main studying practices that I use are a combination of watching videos of what I find confusing in a class, looking back through examples that we have already done to see why the right answer is right or what makes the wrong answers wrong, and trying to learn the type of questions asked to be able to have more strategies when taking a test or doing assignments.
The main thing I always try and do is make sure I really understand what it is I am studying. Sometimes the main step of this is using the internet and watching videos from sources such as Khan Academy to learn more about a subject that I previously did not understand or want to know more about.
If the class is primarily math based like calculus or physics my first plan to understand something new to me is for me to look back at previous examples of problems that we have already done to look back at each of the steps that were necessary to find an answer. I then try and do problems that are similar to the ones I just walked through to make sure I am able to get back to the same point without already knowing the answers.
For English or comprehension based classes the main thing I do again is to look at previous questions that I have already answered, however when I do this I focus more on the question and its elements rather than the specific answers. I first try and find patterns in the questions so that way when I take a test I am aware of the type of questions they are likely to ask before looking at them so as I read I am already paying attention to things that may be asked on the test. When I feel that i understand the type of questions that are going to be asked I focus on the answer choices themselves. When I read a question I already have an answer in my head and if any of the answer choices line up I chose that answer. However if that choice is not there instead of looking for the correct answer I instead chose to eliminate all the wrong answers to leave only the right answer.

Noah Perez from Texas
High School Senior
Valle Verde Early College High School