Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I started College at 14. I’ve had to learn practical ways that work the best for me whenever I’m preparing for a test. Since I am a visual learner the methods that helps me the best are the ones that have to do with seeing, I make flashcards and go over the material. I find flashcards to be the most useful when it comes with reviewing critical concepts that the teacher has said. It helps me absorb the material that will most likely be on the exam. Flashcards especially help me cut through the fluff and review key material that needs to be studied further. I find for me that the best way to prepare is whenever I am in a place free from distractions. This means that I go on my bean bag which is in the corner of my room- a quiet place to focus and have space from my sibling. Knowing that education holds the key to my future drives me to make diligent efforts in studying. I believe that I perform better whenever I eat right. If I eat sugary drinks or treats just before the exam, it tends to make me sluggish in the middle of the exam and can affect the potential of my success on the exam. Green bell peppers are my go to snack for giving me energy or whenever I feel stressed before the test.
I’ve found that the study guides teachers hand out before the exam can give relevant content to what needs to be studied further. So, I go over the material and make sure I’ve got a good run-through with it. After, I test myself. This helps me gage on what I know and what I don’t know. Understanding what I think I do know but actually don’t is vital going into the exam. I usually test myself again to makes sure I’ve memorized the key points I’ve missed. Talking to other classmates in the same class before the test has aided me in studying the material even further. I’ve found having a conversation with someone over the content beneficial because where that person’s weak you are strong and where you are weak they are strong. Gaining insightful feedback and help from others has aided me by leaps and bounds.
These are the critical strategies that I use whenever I strive to aim high for a test.

Isabella from Ohio
College Junior
Canal Winchester High School