Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I Have the experience of attending both British and American system based schools in four different countries. What I have found what best works for me, is to pay attention in class, take notes, start the work early, making flashcards, studying with classmates and taking a breath of relaxation from it all. This has worked successfully most of the time and never failed unless done improperly.
For me paying attention in the class is a requirement, yet levels of attention can vary in a student’s mind when they are attending the everyday lectures of multiple teachers in a day. Students would most carefully pay attention to a set of information given to them when the Teachers say something along the lines of “ Guys, pay attention because this will be on the test.” Yet I have found from my own experience that you can not rely on that moment all the time since there are other pieces of information that the teacher presents but doesn’t draw in dramatic attention to and sometimes teachers don’t draw in attention at all. So Students just have to listen in class to actually learn from the teacher and take notes instead of learning everything online, last-minute or with friends since those sources of information don’t always have the answers we want, or may give in false information.
Another method I use is making Flashcards since they get you to research your work thoroughly. You can take them anywhere and practice in the small gaps in your day. The flashcards can be used with your friends making a fun activity out of it.
The last method is to just relax, simply so that you have a clear mind, and any last-minute study would be a waste and could boggle your ready state of mind, also encouraging you to have prepared earlier. All this is to assure that a student passes. I am no exception to studying at the last minute, but for a sure achievement this procedure has worked nearly all the time and when It hasn’t I was doing something wrong.

Bruke from Virginia
High School Senior
McLean Highschool