Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test practice skills have proven to be very effective to me and I consider them to be very simple as well. I normally make notecards or use sources like Quizlet to quiz myself on the material and study it, and then I find online or printable practice tests to test the knowledge I should have gained from studying and see if I am where I need to be. I like to follow these steps: study the subject, practice what I learned, observe and try to correct my mistakes, and practice again. I repeat the last two steps until I have achieved my desired score or goal. This has been very useful to me because I was able to get a 33 on my ACT the third time I took it, I have passed every AP test I have taken, and I rarely score low on tests in school. I think the most effective ways are learning are to just buckle down and study the old fashioned way.

Skyler from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Owasso High School