Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In the case of test preparation, everyone has their own ways to memorize and comprehend each subjects. But, the common thing that we all share in order to excel, or simply pass a test, is by being diligent; constantly reviewing the subjects. Living in Indonesia, a country where SAT is a foreign thing, i have to find my own way to be able to at least do the SAT, because school does not provide annual, or even monthly SAT practices, at all. I could not burden my parents by enrolling to a SAT course, because it is quite expensive, and i have 3 sibilngs that also go to school. I snoop around internet and found many solutions. I myself bought Barron’s, Kaplan’s, sign up to Kahn Academy, and also practice myself by doing the SAT previous year’s testbooks. For me, what the brand is, what the test-prep practices is, does not really matter. At the end, it all comes back to us. So, it is safe to say that it works for me, because I want it to work for me. I read almost every single word on the book, repeatedly, because English is not my first language. I did practices on the book or website, and reviewed where I went wrong. I did SAT try outs. I did all of that every single day, non stop for two months prior of my SAT test date. It was exhausting, to balance between studying SAT and to keep up with school that follows the Indonesian curriculum. My final SAT grade didn’t really exceed my expectation, but I learn along the way to appreciate the process, and I believe that the experience alone has taught me a lot of things. The bottom line is, the key is not what or from where your test preparation practices are, but what you do about them. Study, comprehend, practice, repeat. It is important to have strong-willed mentality, and to not give up, no matter what.

Gabriella from New Jersey
High School Senior
SMA Negeri 8 Jakarta