Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before going into any test I evaluate and observe what type of test I am going to take to study a certain way. To study for vocabulary tests, History, or even English tests. I always make a Quizlet with terms or questions that are going to be on the test and use the "learn" option on the Quizlet website to repetitively learn the material throughout the week to make sure the information sticks in my head. I find this method to work out successfully because it keeps it fresh in my brain when practicing repetitively and I am less prone to forgetting what I learned. For Math and any type of Science tests I usually just go and do problem sets from the study guide that was given to us, workbook problems, doing old tests and exams, even making a Quizlet for the terms we may need to know. I find that doing problem sets from either the current study guide I got or going back to old tests helps because in these two subjects it is more based on if you understand the material rather than trying to remember terms and testing you on whether if you know the definition to a word. Understanding how to solve a complex equation is crucial because it will show mastery and successful understanding of the material. For the terms that we need to remember in Science tests I approach these with the same strategy I use for my English and History tests. I make a Quizlet and repetitively study the words for a long period of time. With these different strategies of test preparation practices that I use I find myself to score a lot of good marks on my tests and that is why I am sharing my information with this website today. I would like to help the Mometrix community by sharing what I do to become successful when preparing for tests or quizzes and help others prep for the same situation and obtain those high grades they are striving for. It is not about how long someone studies for that ensures a passing grade but rather how smart and efficiently they use their time to comprehend the material.

Brandon from California
High School Senior
Windsor High School