Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My preferred type of test preparations are somewhat unusual. I personally will find the material that I need to know. Create a list of the material I need to know, most likely in a program that has the ability to shuffle the questions. Once this program is created with all the material that needs to be studied, I have two choices, one being to study with another student or group of students and the other would be to study on my own. If I was to study with a group of students, then we would have one person pull up the review and display the question. Then we would all state what we believe the answer to be, and whoever gets the correct answer earns a point. You would continue this until the end of the review, until everyone has won at least once. This assures that you and your classmates know the material. If I was to study on my own my plan of action would to go through the review. With one small rule, whenever I answer a question incorrectly I would have to restart the review. I would continue this process until I know the information completely. This assures its not just by memory because every time the questions would be shuffled. This give diversity in the way the questions are ordered, stimulating the brain into working harder and actually understanding how to accept this information. Once either of these steps have been completed then the next step I would do, would be to help others. Help other by testing them. This not only helps them but it also reinforces the material that you know but might forget. This will insure that the information is not just memory based but a true understanding of the concept.

Michael from Arizona
High School Senior
Michael C Guriel