Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am considered an underdog. Throughout my high school years I put effort in dedicating my time to softball, basketball and vested in school activities for senior class the year. While completing a 14 week program at the Developmental School for Youth in my city once a week and volunteering for events related to social development within the urban district. Once I completed the DSY program I was given the opportunity to be a paid intern at Investors Saving Bank in NJ. During my internship I worked in the Cybersecurity department and I worked directly with the VP's. In which who are sponsors of the DSY program that I attended. This internship prepared sparked my further interest in Cybersecurity and because of this experience I will be majoring in Computer Science at Delaware State University in the fall. I have become a more production student by being involved in all of these activities. So grateful to have been selected and afforded the opportunity during my high school years.

Amaya from New Jersey
High School Senior
University High School