Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

If carried out properly, the test practices that I apply have a good balance of stress and peace. When preparing for a test, I study for one hour at a time and take small breaks in-between. However, during these breaks, I play games on my phone or watch something entertaining on YouTube. The reason I do activities that seem so unproductive, during my break, is because it brings my mind away from the rigorous task I just partook in. Also, I avoid multitasking at all costs. Multitasking comes in many forms, and one of these forms is listening to music. If I listen to music during study-time, then I am not fully-engaged with the study-material. When listening to music, my mind wonders into creative thinking-patterns and can lead me astray from the main-priority of studying. Second, I like to focus more of my study-workload towards the last couple of days leading up to a test. I place more study-hours just days before my test, because it places me under a copious amount of pressure. During this time of great-pressure, I am more engaged in my studies, my mindset shifts to longevity and persistence, I take fewer breaks, and my adrenaline kicks in, because I know I only have a short amount of time to study for a test. Finally, when studying for a test, I place great emphasis on studying small-chapters first and longer-chapters last, because I procrastinate more on smaller-chapters. I procrastinate longer on content that is short, because I deceive myself into thinking that I can take on the shorter-material later, due to it's small amount of test-material. However, the added extensions just make me procrastinate more. Furthermore, If I study longer-chapters in the last days leading up to a test, then I add unto my "test pressure" and my focus is more keen. In conclusion, I study better under great pressure, take breaks when necessary, focus solely on the test-material, during my studies, and study the material from smallest amount of content to longest amount of content.

Uvaldo from Colorado
College Junior
Regis University