Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In highschool, I prepared for tests by cramming all the information into my head one night before. This makes me sad to say, but only the information that I thought was truly interesting enough to talk to friends about has stuck in my head. The equations, laws of science, psychology facts, etc. are all difficult for me to recall.
In college, with the stress surely instituted by my disorganization, I knew I needed to change my habits to make sure my mental health, social well-being, work quality, and test preparation all got back into check. The second semester of college is when I realized that what works best for me is LISTS!! Check lists honestly brought my productivity to the next level. I set goals everyday to get ready or finish all assignments that are in the next two weeks. The reward system in my brain buzzes every time I get to check off another task. For example, if a test is coming up, I could write ‘review chapter one’ on one day and ‘write notecards’ on the next day. They are small simple tasks that have helped me to realize how small steps can make a big difference in relieving stress. Studying over long periods of time rather than cramming has saved me the stress--and the grades!

Emma from Minnesota
College Freshman
Emma M Laskowski