Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

True or false, multiple choice, essay... when it comes to tests, there's always a right answer, and there's always a wrong one. When it comes to test preparation, however, there is often more than one right way, but some ways are more effective. By far the most effective method in test preparation is finding a way to make the test material enjoyable and exciting.
One of my favorite ways to prepare for a test is to get competitive. For high school biology class, our teacher divided the study questions into categories and difficulty level, split us into two groups, and we played the classic game show Jeopardy. Correct answers were rewarded with jelly beans, and in no time at all, we knew the difference between mitosis and meiosis, what an osteicthyes was, and the proper order for binomial nomenclature.
There's a couple of reasons why I believe a little competition is an excellent preparation practice for test taking. First, there's an adrenaline spike as one tries to be the first to remember an answer and ensure it's the correct one. There's also the pressure from the other students also racing to find the best answer to the question. This trains the student for the test: there's often a clock, there's a correct answer to know, and there's always a wrong answer to avoid.
Ultimately though, we tend to remember most what we enjoy most: this explains why people know the middle names of their favorite music artists or all of the rules of baseball. What's enjoyed is remembered. So, utilizing something—anything—the student enjoys, whether it's playing Jeopardy, painting, singing, or whatever else, and applying it to the topic at hand is one of the very best practices for studying for an exam, whether it be true or false, multiple choice, or essay.

Logan from Washington
College Freshman
The Master's University