Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I personally have really bad test anxiety and with my ADD it is sometimes really hard to focus. All things considered, I've been able to find strategies that work for me when it comes to studying for tests. I really like using study guides to help me. On occasion, my professors will provide a study guide but for the most part I like creating my own. I use bright colors to highlight key words that I can quickly identify when it is time for me to take the test. Those highlighted words help me to quickly recall the information I need to be able to answer the questions.

Another thing I do is turn my study material into songs. I know that probably sounds really stupid, but it has been something that has helped me to better remember what I need to know for any of my tests. My anxiety sometimes really gets in the way, so having a catchy tune to remember is something I find helpful. I found that music and studying sometimes go hand in hand, so the benefit they bring is something I really value.

As a future educator, creating strategies like the one I mentioned is something that I can share with my students. I know how hard it is to focus on things and to retain information when it is taught, so I definitely intend to help my future students with that.

Ocean from Texas
College Junior
Texas Tech University