Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests that can be really difficult for me as a junior are ones in subjects such as Math, physics, and french. Some things I do to help me prepare for those tests would be making flash cards, doing as many practice problems, and rewriting equations.
When making flash cards for french I start writing the words I do know first in black marker. I would write the word on the front and the meaning in english on the back. When I get to words that are hard for me to remember I normally put it in red marker. The difference in color helps me remember what the words mean because I am training my brain to remember the red words while still going over the words I already know.
When I know a math test is coming up, I like to grab all the homework and different notes I took since the unit began and grab some practice problems. Teachers sometimes grab problems straight from the homework sheets. Practicing with the types of problems they are going to give you will help a lot. If I can’t find any more problems worth practicing I go online and look up some practice problems from other math homework sheets.
In physics I have a hard time remembering what equation to use for a certain type of problem. So what I like to do is write down each equation with all the original symbols in different colors. Then create little arrows stemming out from each symbol with the words that correspond to the meaning of the symbol. This will help you remember what each part of the equation is and will guide you when reading a problem on the test so that you can plug in the values you know to find the answer.
Using different colored words or symbols sure do help your brain remember certain things. What is also important is a good nights rest before your testing day. Just remember to try your best.

Alijah from Illinois
High School Senior
John F Kennedy High School