Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation depends on the test. A student in a philosophy class was taking his first test.
On the paper there was a single line: "Is this a question?" - Discuss. He thought about it and wrote: "If that is a question, then this is an answer." He got an "A." There is a huge difference between college entrance exams and regular tests.
I found success with my college entrance exams by prepping with a tutor, over several sessions, and taking practice exams. I didn't like online prep because I could screw off and get distracted. Face to face I was talking, engaging, and thinking. I also took the college exams more than once. All of that helped and I would recommend it all.
For normal class tests I have to manage distractions. I plan study halls in the middle of the day to finish the first half of the day's studying and work. The time limit of a study hall helps me focus to get it done before the period is over. I use headphones to block out outside noises and friends. I have a study playlist I use so that doesn't distract me. A cubicle in the library is a good space to block out the world. My little brother got me started on Quizlet, a studying app, that breaks up normal studying with some fun, it definitely helps with memoizable facts. You enter the study material and it makes flashcards and games for reviewing the material. It's great for dates, places and definitions.
I hope to use some of the same tactics for successful test prep in my freshman year at college. My schedule will have a middle of the day schedule break for morning work. I will schedule classes everyday to avoid large blocks of free time. I'll scout out the campus for different quiet study places. My college promotes study groups in most subjects and I think that will help me as well. I know college will be much harder than high school. There are so many distractions but I've learned to manage them and look forward to the many challenges that college brings.

Jeremy from Ohio
High School Senior
Westlake High School