Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying for test can be difficult especially if you don’t know how to study productively. First, handwriting is better than typing. When you write your notes, you retain the information better. Although handwriting is vital, you have to remember what to write. When you’re taking class notes, you have to organize the information in a cohesive way. For example, when distinguishing between two contrasting ideas, write your notes in bullet form with two columns. You only need to write what is important. Your notes are for you to understand meaning it doesn’t necessarily need to have perfect grammar. For example, you can skip unnecessary words such as “the”, “and”, and “or”. Instead, formulate shorthand for these words and keep it consistent. In the beginning, it may be uncomfortable to write with shorthand but after a few times of consistently using it, you will adjust. Now that you’ve obtained the information, you must retain it. Retaining information is important aspect of studying because this is how you will remember it. After you’ve taken notes, be sure to read them when you’ve almost forgotten about the information. This is important because when you expand information, you must remember the basics in order for it to be understood. Before an exam, watch videos on the lesson, if possible. As you watch the video, write notes as if it was a lecture. This combines different techniques of studying and memorization because you are combining both auditory and writing skills. The internet has unlimited information at the tips of our fingers. You want to have the study habits of a medical school student. Since medical school is a rigorous course, if you know how to study like a medical school student, you can ace any test. This is my personal studying technique. I started incorporating this regimen into my studying habits in the beginning of my senior year. With rigorous courses, I am able to do my homework in an organized manner without unnecessary information.

Zoe from New York
High School Senior
Elmont Memorial High School