Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In today's society, as students, we encounter different levels of stress; one coming from testing. This cycle of stress has become a norm for today's students, eventually leading to more mental health problems. While I do agree there should be no tests, there is no better solution that will solve the problem that testing provides. After sometime, students like me have gained a variety of testing skills, skills that will help us destress and perform better overall.
When I first took the SAT, I couldn't stop myself from thinking whether or not the other students would perform better than me or would finish before me. I would often perform badly because of this. My first tip would be to worry about yourself. It doesn't matter if you finish first or to finish last, what matters is if you can focus on the actual test. The score you get does not reflect anyone else's but your own.
Another stressor of mine was if I could finish on time, and to make sure I didn't waste any time during the test. I would often find myself looking at the clock rather than the actual test at times. The only solution to getting accustomed to the test would be to put yourself in a similar environment. You should allow yourself to experience the environment before you take the test because in most cases, you already have practiced the material on the test and have been in the testing environment.
That being said, having a good mentality about the test allows the age old forgetfulness that comes with any test to be gone. If you walk in the test thinking you are going to fail, you most likely will fail. You need to believe in yourself before you can get the results you desire. This also ties in with the acknowledgement that anything you study the night before the test would not help your case at all. The night before you should be eating a good dinner, de-stressing, and finally getting a good night's sleep. I know everyone says this, and it actually works.

George from Maryland
High School Senior
Winston Churchill High School