Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For as long as I can remember, test taking has unfortunately been the bane of my existence. My entire educational career has been filled with massive test taking anxiety. But everyone has weaknesses they must persevere through, and this has caused me to come up with creative solutions to make test taking much easier for me to handle. The feeling I get when I ace a test is incredible, because I know that I worked especially hard for it and conquered a major fear while doing so.
One method I use when I am studying, is to add a melody or mantra I repeat to myself when needing to memorize important notes and information. This has worked wonders for me, because it almost makes studying much more fun. It has also proven to be extremely effective for me, because I generally do better on test questions I have created a song for than those I just learned normally. Creating a silly song out of boring notes lessens the stress and seriousness of the test taking, where there is so much pressure to receive a good grade because the test counts for a majority of your grade in that class. I sing the little songs I made up when I was studying once before, and it works like a charm.
Another interesting way I prepare for a test is to use online resources. In anatomy class, for example, I use a website called Purpose Games. When I need to learn labeling for body parts, I turn to this website every time. They have personalized games specialized towards any school subject you could think of. It makes learning more enjoyable, and I find myself learning a lot quicker using this resource. The information also sticks in my brain longer, because I remember more from the visual game than notes received in class. Though test taking has proven to be one of my greatest hardships in school, I have proven time and time again with thorough test preparation that anything is possible if you stay focused and keep a positive mindset, get good sleep, and eat healthy food on test day.

Audrey from Colorado
High School Senior
Vista Ridge High School