Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are a variety of tactics that I use when I am preparing to take a test. The first thing that I do is align the subject of the test with the ways that work best for my memory. In subjects like math and science, I really learn the best by viewing an instructor, or by watching videos online. While I am watching the instruction, I take notes and write out any practice or examples that I come across. After taking notes, I benefit tremendously from completing exercise questions. For other subjects, such as English, writing, or degree referenced courses, reading a textbook and taking practice exams are really helpful to drill the information into my brain. I also learn best when I physically write things by hand, as opposed to typing. Mneumonics have become one of my favorite ways to memorize important information, along with tying the new information to things I already have memorized. An example of this tactic would be, if I am learning about butterflies, and I already know a lot about bees, I could compare the two insects in order for me to remember the characteristics that I had not known prior about butterflies. I have found that using an assortment of techniques help me best when I study for exams.

Allison from Virginia
College Freshman
Western Governors University