Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have taken a variety of tests in the past that all required a different set of skills for studying. Between MCAS, SATs, regular in-class tests and quizzes, PSATs, and the English ACCUPLACER, I have quite a variety of experiences with test prep. My first steps have always been the same, I find guides that explain what the test will be on. If there is vocabulary, I create a quizlet and record myself reading each word with its definitions. I will then listen to this as I read the words and definitions in my head. If there are math problems, I will ask my teacher or go online to find a list of problems similar to what will be on the test. The balance between these two study methods, I like to call the practice or study method. Some tests will not be easier if you study, however, they will be easier if you practice.

Cassandra from Massachusetts
High School Senior
Cassandra Milnes