Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is an interesting part of school, and vital for many students. We all seem to do it a different way, for me I even study differently depending on what class the upcoming test is in. That isn’t to say there’s not one method I use more often than the others, soon before the test I review everything that will be on the test. I usually type up a document with broad topics I think are going to be on the test and make sure to include everything new we’ve learned since the last test/quiz. Then I quickly go over these topics on the day previous to the test to resurface my memories on that particular topic. I generally don’t fully forget what we’ve learned but if the ideas aren’t at the top of my mind before a test then I have troubles recalling specific concepts. Thus, by quickly reviewing the topics I am able to have my head geared towards scoring well on the exam.

Another approach I like to take before any (important) exam is to drink a lot of water and practice controlled breathing. I’ve found that many problems I would answer easily outside of a test become quite difficult during the test. Having more at stake during the exam heightens the nerves and dulls the mind. Practicing controlled breathing helps me calm down and focus on the questions to achieve my highest score possible.

Like I said at the beginning, there are tons of different ways to prep for tests and different things work for different people, though one that can help everyone is, pay attention and make sure to do the work. Practice makes perfect, and each of those worksheets that teachers commonly rattle off are good practice, so take advantage of them to make your tests perfect.

Anthony from Colorado
High School Senior
Thomas Jefferson High School