Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The test preparation practices that work best for me are chunking the content into manageable pieces and writing down everything. It works really well and it’s always the thing I suggest first to friends and family when they tell me they’re studying for a big test.
The first thing to do is to break the information into smaller sections. It makes the information less overwhelming and allows you to focus more. So, if your testing on biology break it down into sections like genetics, cells, or anatomy. If it’s a multi-subject test do it with each subject. Don’t try to combine subjects. It unnecessarily complicates things.
The next thing to do is pull out a notebook and start copying your notes, the book, the teacher’s notes, whatever you have as a study material. Use a blue pen, because blue ink helps you remember things better, and writing something out yourself is equivalent to reading it four times. Repeat the process until all of your studying is done!

Briggette from Michigan
College Junior
Western Governer's University