Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Each student is different in what study practices work for them whether it be cramming the week of or reading the chapters a few times. The approach that best suits me is skimming the lesson, taking hand written notes, making flash cards, and taking practice tests. There is no wrong way to study but is instead based on preferences.
The first step I take when studying for a test is reading over the lesson that will be taught. This will give me an understanding of what will be taught and will help me ask any necessary questions or ask if a topic will be on the exam. I feel this is an step most students don’t take but this is beneficial for understanding the topic and doing well.
The second step after skimming the lesson is taking handwritten notes. Many students take notes on laptops but I find I retain more information when I physically write down the topics. This also allows me to draw diagrams or equations for my science classes. I am a visual learner so seeing these diagrams or equations helps me retain what I am learning.
The third way I prepare for tests is by making flash cards. I write key terms, concepts or equations of material that will be on a test. I keep these in a flashcard holder and I will take them with me wherever I go. It’s easier to carry flash card around then a whole notebook. I can also carry multiple subjects. This helps me be more productive with my time.
The last way that I study for a test is by using practice exams. After studying I will take a practice exam provided by professors or found online to see how well I know the concepts. If there are no practice exams I can find, I will redo homework assignments for the concepts on the exam.
These four techniques I use to help me study for test are useful in getting a good grade. Repetition helps me retain information that I am learning and grasp the information. By skimming the book, taking notes, making flashcards, and taking practice exams, I can learn and do well on exams.

Ashley from Florida
College Sophomore
University of South Florida