Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Usually teachers give students an announcement as to when they will have a test or a quiz. I have a some window of time to work out when it is that I can study and for how long. I have a bullet journal that I use to keep track of dates to help me out with this. When the test date is coming up, depending on what subjects the test is about, I like to go with earliest information that we learned about in relation to the quiz. From the day it was announced to two days before the test this is typically how I review. I have to prioritize since I’m still receiving assignments on the daily. After I do work that needs to be done I look in my journal to see what I have planned for myself to do. Once I’ve reviewed I spend the rest of the day relaxing since I don’t want to overload. But even with those breaks I still get stressed and anxious. So the day before the test I spend my time, after homework of course, trying to relax and randomly recall what I learned. I don’t want to stress too much as that usually affects my performance on the test. So when I take the day before to relax it really helps. This is something I had to tailor for myself since I’m always way too anxious about an upcoming test so when I split it into bits for different days my anxiety is quelled since I at least studied a bit that day.

Ashley from California
High School Senior
Samueli Academy