Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Practice tests: they will not only be your best friend, but they will save time AND money. I took the ACT test three time in total in order to get the score that I wanted. Through an almost year long process of studying and taking multiple tests, what I learned that taking practice tests as many times as you can is the key to achieving a high score. There are many free practice tests online that you can print out right from home! There is no need to buy multiple textbooks to practice test taking. After taking every practice test, check which answers you got wrong and reason with yourself on why you got it wrong in the first place, and then check with yourself on how you will avoid making that mistake in the future.

Free online resources, in my opinion, are the greatest inventions technology has given to humans. Khan Academy, edX, Code Academy--there is an unlimited amount of resources that anyone regardless of age, race, and financial status, can take. Whether that is to study for a test or learning an entirely new topic, practicing questions from online or textbooks are the most effective and efficient way to prepare for tests.

Mika from New York
High School Senior
Rye High School