Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am proud to say my attitude towards my educational and career goals have developed tremendously this semester.My educational experience could be improved with more advanced technology, the school’s interest in student’s voice, and roles in engagement. Technology is very important nowadays, better smart boards and computers would be a great resource to add to my educational experience. Student’s opinion should be heard more throughout their years of high school, this could make students feel confident in their voice, payed attention to academically, and to feel heard.
As an student leader, I have many responsibilities and duties that I am in charge to lead. Sometimes things happen unexpectedly at the events which is unfortunate, for example, a member who is active on the project at the time had an emergency and had to leave early, leaving the rest of the teammates to work twice as harder and adjust to more work in a timely matter, it is important to understand the scope of the work the team can handle, the concerns of the team, financial constraints and any other relevant factors will enable me to make fast decisions.

On the other hand, I will admit, before this course I had no direction and I had poor time management. This student success class has helped me become more organized, focused, and happier with my academic life. I feel so prepared to take on the next chapter of my life which is a four year university. The test taking and communications techniques taught in this class were unbelievably effective. My life has turned around for the better now that I know what’s really needed to be successful in school.

Destney from Georgia
High School Senior
Destney Johnson