Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My typical preparation for tests is pretty standard, it consist of looking through the material again flipping back through notes, reading over the chapters we covered. However, while doing this I always take side notes on top of the notes I would have already taken. I feel that I retain information a lot better if I write it down. Test preparation starts from the very beginning for me, now a days students find it more convenient to type their notes. Whether it is from a textbook or a powerpoint presentation I always write my notes with a paper and pen I find that by doing this I have to engage in the material, it forced me to concentrate and try to understand and connect with the material. It’s not about just writing it down however, I always color code, highlight, and add small illustrations anything that would help. Another big thing that helps when I look back over notes is writing down and drawing anything that comes to my head when I read through the information, no matter how much it does not relate to the topic I always write it down. I could be studying anatomy and I think of a black cat put it in my notes and it helps me greatly when I am taking a test. I recognize a specific word, I think of the black cat, and then I know what I put in my notes. I am a visual learner, I have to see everything and I believe that’s why writing and drawing things down no matter how long it could take really helps me when I am taking a test.

Minjeong from Kansas
High School Senior
Junction City High School