Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For my test preparation practices I tend to look up practice study guides first if their not already provided. Once I find something I can use as a study guide I use it to study five days out of the week for about two to four hours. This helps by breaking down what you do know already so when you go back to study some more you know what section you need to focus more on. In addition, for me to get a good grasp or become more confident in what I'm studying and be able to feel confident in my answers, majority of the time I'll turn it into a memory game. It's a technique I use when I'm not understanding a section of a subject. First, I'll identify the main questions that are causing me problems. This technique is best used in math subjects, most people would typically say that most math problems are not the same. Which most of the time is true but most of the time they have the same steps in o see to find the answer. You start by breaking down the little things in the equation which leads you to breaking down the bigger part leading you to the answer. Memorizing little things can help with increasing your score. But wait , what about English? Practicing for English tests is typically more easier for me if it involves vocabulary I always make flash cards not only to know the definition but to understand it more if it's ever used in any reading passages on the test. Besides having good memory it's good to read practice reading passages that test your comprehension and grammar. It helps you see if you have a good understanding of what may come on test day. Most study guides you receive will be harder than tests so studying hard will help increase your score because the actual test was breeze because you prepared yourself. Lastly, when you know theirs an upcoming test always study ahead of time and not a day or two before because you'll be cramming too much information in at once and you might forget it all. When studying make it feel as if you're taking the real test.

Maloni from Indiana
High School Senior
Avon high school