Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I think I have a great test preparation practice that has been working pretty well with me. I have never really been a good test taker in the past. Once I would receive a test to take, it was like my brain just forgets everything I learned, but once I got into college I knew I had to make changes in the way I study. What I do is, at least 4 days before the test day, take the test from a previous year that the professor provides. Once I grade myself on that test, I then do practice problems from homework assignments or from the book over the topics I struggled with the most one the test. After I start getting the hang of those problems, I do a little review over the topics I did well on from that same test from the previous year. I then continue to do homework problems until the day before, and take the old test again to make sure I am doing everything right. With this method, I have gone from always getting C's on my tests, to getting high B's and A's. I think the most important part of my studying technique is all the repetition I do. Since I start studying for tests at least 4 days in advance, I have a better chance of not forgetting everything that I need to know for the test like I did before.

Kaosisochukwu from Missouri
College Freshman
Baker University