Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe my test preparation practices work well for me. To begin with, I don't stress. I take some time for me first. I like to get outside, play some basketball, jump on the trampoline, play with my dogs, and/or go for a walk. I clear my mind first. Then, I am able to get focused on the task at hand. My favorite practice when preparing for a test is to sing. It is what calms me and helps me to focus more. If singing is not an option at the time, I sing the songs in my head or hum them. Music has been said to calm the soul. It definitely calms mine. I also like eating peppermint before testing. It has been said to improve concentration and boost your brain's cognition. It also seems to wake you up when you are tired. I have learned that stressing out over testing is not beneficial to me. I have open communication with my parents who have taught me that doing my best is what is important. Sure, they want me to get good grades, which I do, but they do not stress out about my grades. Their question to me is, "Did you try your best?" and also, "Did you do everything you could to prepare for the test?" I know what they expect from me so I don't worry. It is extremely important to have that communication with your parents. It has alleviated much of the stress of testing.

Jeremiah from North Carolina
High School Senior
Jeremiah Bowman