Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Depending on the material I will do different routes of test preparation. Usually with math or science I will teach material. With more memorizing type classes (anatomy, social studies, etc.) I will highlight and/ or listen to a recording.
One of my go- to test preparation is teaching the material to another person. In my experience, if I cannot answer 5 questions, then I do not know it well enough. For example, if someone is learning about the heart. The first question they would ask might be “What rate does the heart beat at normally?” followed by “How does the heart beat?” or “How does blood circulate?”. Usually it shows how much the student knows or what specially they need to work on.
Highlighting also works very well for me. What people mess up with highlighters the most is they highlight too much. To avoid that issue, I will look in the front or the back of the chapter for key parts or questions and highlight when I find the answer. I will highlight vocabulary words and anything the teacher said what was important in class.
The last thing I do to test prep is listening to an audio recording of my teacher teaching the lecture. With this technique you have to make sure to ask the teacher first. Most teachers are okay with it as long as the recording does not go anywhere else or to anyone else. I will listen to their recording while I am going over the PowerPoint and follow along.

Megan from Arizona
College Freshman
University of Arizona