Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

“There’s a TEST tomorrow!”...
A voice in your head announces as you throw yourself out of bed...
Do not let this happen to you. You need to know how to better study beforehand, so you can start seeing those high grades with little to no stress. Here are my favorite five tips to better study for a test.
I like to separate my studying between classes. So my tactics may change depending on the class but these tips will work for most subjects. First, try to set aside a proper amount of time for each class. Finals week may make this difficult but this will help lower stress in the long run. Second, for classes like math, try a lot of different problems and in many different ways. Often times an instructor will teach a single way of solving a problem but there will usually be three or even four more. Choose which way works the best for you, besides the added practice is always good. Third, give proper time before the test to study. No one can fully absorb information the night before the test. Plus, you need the sleep to best operate during the test. Fourth, ask a lot of questions. This can be during class, after, or with other students. Sometimes this will better help you understand the subject but I also found it helps me stay interested while I’m studying. Lastly if available, spend some time looking at past tests from the given instructor, and/or speaking with past students. I highly recommend this one, not only do some instructors not change their tests for each term but most of the time knowing the test format can help with better studying tactics.
Now, remember if you think you are going to fail a test. You may need to study more, never rely on what is taught in class. But with these 5 tips: giving proper time for each class, trying many different ways for each type of problem, starting to study long before the test, asking a lot of questions, and knowing the test formats; you may just not fail. Good luck with those tests!

Jacob from Oregon
College Freshman
Jacob Adams