Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for a test is not easy especially when you feel as though you have to cram all the information you have learned in the semester in your study session. When preparing for a test I always make sure to spread out the time I have to practice, study, and feel well prepared. I like to prepare for a test by writing down the notes and summarizing them in a way that I can understand. This way the information goes in one ear and stays locked in my brain instead of it coming right out the other. When I write these notes down I like to read other them twice a day especially if I have to prepare for a test that involves memorization. If so, I usually put the notes away and practice on a separate sheet of paper or use flashcards. With flashcards I like to look through them as much as possible. For example, on my free time or I pick them up instead of looking at my phone when I am bored. Even though this is my go to strategy I do have times where I feel as though my notes are incomplete or I need to know more about a subject in depth. I reach out to my classmates and see what they think their focus points on with the notes that we have and even the way they are going on with studying the material as well. Also when it comes to the time of review I make sure to ask the teacher to explain a certain point more or even an example. The key point of the review is to listen closely to what the teacher repeats and emphasizes because it can be a clue of what is going to be included on the test. All of these points lead up to me feeling prepared before it is time to take the test. Yes, taking test can be nerve wrecking. Their have been times well I have all the information in my head ready to be written down but out of nowhere it just goes blank but I am pretty sure I have learned by now that this can happen to all of us. Going in with a positive mindset and I'm sure your intelligence will shine through. Keeping these skills and keys in mind will truly help in a students journey.

Ashley from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
JP McCaskey HighSchool