Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My sophomore year in high school I had a test every Friday in history and always failed it . I never understood while I was failing when I was passing all my assignments . And then I thought about it . I was to busy trying to hangout with friends instead of worrying about what is important. STUDYING ! studying for a test is very important because you may think you know the class work material but when it gets time you test you fail it . I started failing a 10th grade history class so i had to step it up and be mature. I told all my friends I was not hanging out with them anymore on the week days that I gave to study in order to get good grades. I made index cards and wrote my history definitions on the front and the history words on another index card and I would match the words to there definition and the next test I took I aced it with a 98 . I felt so accomplished because I actually took the time to study and I passed .
Sincerely, Kayla Bolton

Kayla from Alabama
High School Senior
Holt High school