Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I think the most critical thing for kids my age is to first understand that everyone learns differently and that’s okay. Take some pressure off of trying to be a perfectionist and really try and learn as much of the material as possible. For me I struggle with remembering details. One important strategic thing I do to overcome this is I create an outline. I do this to categorize major concepts I need to understand and then the details surrounding those concepts. It breaks it down in a more manageable way for me to learn visually and retain more. I also make sure I do some basic study habits such as make sure I study a little each day and not try to cram it all in at the last minute. I also adjust my outline as the class progresses and refer back to old tests and material done in class. I also make sure there is good lighting and I’m in a comfortable chair and have plenty of good healthy snacks and plenty of water to drink. I know it seems like these should be obvious ones but lots of kids my age sit on anything and don’t eat healthy food and try to get homework done anywhere In addition to the above test practice habits; I also have worked in small groups. This allows me and my friends to talk about what we do know about the subject matter and work on those areas and concepts we don’t together. By doing that it takes some of the stress off each of us. We have also used flash cards and made a game out of it. That makes it less stressful and fun too! It also allows you do really memorize the material using visual aids. For me; taking good notes in class and using a highlighter allows me to easily identify concepts that my teacher has stated....are important and I can easily reference back to them. In the end the biggest thing to remember is that you want to be organized and prepared. In order for me to be successful I may have to be more strict in how I learn and study material than others; but for me these are a few of the ways I prepare for tests successfully.

Brayden from Arizona
High School Senior
Gilbert High School