Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparations skills have improved tremendously since I started at Brooklyn Friends. Prior to my high school tenure, I used to study the night before an exam. Even though I would do well on the exam but I quickly learned that that was not the way I should be preparing for an exam in high school. My grades needed more in depth studying and a more focused approach. Once I was admitted into the IB program I learned that in order to achieve good grades I had to study at least a week before my exam and every evening I had to look over my class notes. It was not as hard to do these little adjustments that I initially thought it would be. High school is part of a learning process that everyone has to learn how to adapt to. Improvement of study skills takes dedication. As I matriculated into 12th grade, I learned that hard work, dedication and perseverance would help me graduate and matriculate toward my college dream. I learned to prepare early for exams, review my notes daily and discuss difficult subjects with my peers. That way, I was able to pass all of my exams and graduate with an International Baccalaureate degree.

Keith from New York
High School Senior
Brooklyn Friends