Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Consider this. You have a final exam that is worth 80% of your average grade. You have approximately two weeks to prepare, because you are smart and have given yourself enough time to be fully prepared for this major test. The first thing I would recommend do in order to become extra prepared is revisit old test, pop quizzes and homework. For example, locate which problems you got wrong, and find a similar pattern in why it was marked wrong. Try to do these problems again, by yourself if you understand the concept, and in order to challenge yourself. When you do this, you are asking yourself is you relearned the material or slacked off. After you have tried this, do some simple research. What are other researchers saying about this problem? How can this exact problem be related to or applied in your life? It's good to have a basic understanding of these problems and find a connection to the problem personally. If you are still unable to find a connection, meet with some classmates who have scored high on test, quizzes and homework and understand the concept. Someone is always able to tutor as well. Like the sayings go, "Two brains are better than one". By branching out and using our resources, we are able to make longer lasting mental connections as well as better networking skills. Studying for an exam is crucial but not as crucial as our health. In order to make sure we are putting greatness onto a piece of paper, we must start and end with ourselves. Spending 30 minutes a day taking a light jog or doing simple yoga helps our body stay healthy and alert. No matter how much you study, if you are not balancing out studying with exercise and healthy diets, scores will eventually spiral down. When you are not healthy, eventually you will begin to lose sleep which contributes to raised rates of insomnia, anxiety and depression. These tips work for me because they help me balance out my life, remain stress free and fully prepared.

Brittany from Arizona
High School Senior
Hamilton High School