Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are many mainstream types of study tools. Quizlet is a large one among the people in my school, with Khan Academy falling close behind. However, the issue with these is that they are created for other people, and adapted to other people's shortcomings in a subject.
While the convenience of user-created programs is appealing, especially for a person like me who holds a demanding part-time job as well as numerous after-school activities, they have never been the most effective way to study material.
My favorite method is to create my own questions to solve. Asking myself about the lesson I've gone over in class and trying to find my own answers in the material helps cement the thoughts in my mind.
Creating questions isn't too difficult. Things that you know you know may not come to the surface as questions, but things that you're unsure of you're more likely to question. This helps you more efficiently study the material that you know the least, while avoiding the occasionally annoying repetition of the material that you have down pat.
This also can easily be done in chunks, which fits in perfectly to s busy schedule. I can write down questions in one moment and try to answer them in another.
All this, I believe, is the most efficient way to study, and it's how I choose to study every time for a test.

Cara from Illinois
High School Senior
O'Fallon Township High School