Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

54% passing rate, the most failed class at Pitt, the inevitable weed-out course: Calculus II. It was one of the first hurdles I had to overcome in the long sprint to becoming an engineer at the University of Pittsburgh. I had already successfully taken calculus in high school so I stuck with what I had done then. I shied away from asking any questions, I sat silently in class, scribbled notes in my messy loose-leaf, overall, I tried my best given my original study habits. Little did I know, my best would barely get me a C.
I was brutally awakened after my first test came back. Even though I studied for hours on hours in Hillman Library, I was distressed over my first test grade. There was no way I would pass the class on that track. I talked to my friends in the class and they equally were not happy with their performance. We uneasily decided to go to the Math Assistance Center.
It was hard for me to cave in to get help. It is hard enough for me to even ask a question in class. I am a very determined person and it hurts me to reach out and ask for help. So, deciding to get tutoring from peers at the University of Pittsburgh was not easy for me, however, it was my best decision yet. Nothing would have prepared me better than going to the assistance center. In there, my teaching assistant from the class answered all of our questions with ease and certainty. We did endless practice and homework problems. Slowly, yet surely, I built up my confidence in Calculus II again. I wish I had figured it out sooner that seeking help from others would have helped so immensely. It was an eye opening experience that I recommend to my friends and prospective students at Pitt; Reach out for help when you need it!

Rachel from Pennsylvania
College Sophomore
University of Pittsburgh