Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Everyone knows the saying “practice makes perfect” and as many times your eyes roll to this saying it is inevitably true. Without trial and error you wouldn’t ever be able to grow in whatever it is you do. Whether if it’s landing that skate trick, going over that math formula relentlessly, or reviewing your terms for that super important history midterm, practice makes perfect.
The best test preparation practice I find to be most helpful is the creation of your own test. Personally, I believe that the only way to really grasp understanding of the concept and get a feel for what the real material is going to be like is by simulating a similar experience. Before most tests what I do is create a personal study guide regarding things such as important terms, definitions, and or concepts. Based off of the study guide I create I take it another step further and generate several practice questions that potentially be on the real exam. When making my own questions I try to keep it in free response or fill in the blank format. This format forces me to remember the corresponding answer and not lean on any possible choices, like multiple choice, to answer the question. More times than others I handwrite all these materials as I find that writing out every portion helps with my muscle memory and often times makes me more likely to remember than if I were to type it all out.

Shelby from California
High School Senior
Samueli Academy