Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to taking a test for me, I practice by sections or fragments and take breaks in between. Now this may depend on how big the test is and this may sound strange but for me, I study for the short-term than the long-term. Meaning that I study last minute then taking the whole month to remember the information. What I do is again study the information into sections then take a short break and then proceed the next section and do the same process over and over again. The purpose of doing this method is remembering it through repetition. For me, I am not good at taking tests overall so by practising the same process over and over again helps me to know what scenarios will come either through multiple choice answers or problem-solving. By practising for the short-term than the long-term, I become more attentive because I am more focused on the information and there are many things that can distract me. Plus I lose information very quickly and to study the information depending on the test, I will retain it better and get a better grade.

Toasaphol from Nevada
College Freshman
College of Southern Nevada