Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To my mind, test preparation begins with the introduction of a chapter or topic in the classroom. There are several test preparation practices that I adhere to such as reading the entire chapter first, taking copious notes while reading the chapter and taking notes during class, completing all homework assignments, and reviewing the material on a daily basis to build upon what I’ve learned the day before.
The reason why I read the entire chapter is to gain knowledge and insight into the chapter or topic. It also helps me internalize the material or information that I’m about to learn. If there is information about a topic in a video, I will watch the video as well. Further, it helps me focus on what information is not clear so that when I have an opportunity to ask questions of clarification, I may do so.
Taking notes on what I have read and what I have heard from the instructor assists me in preparing for the test. I also make flashcards because writing out the information in a question and answer format, noting main ideas and key concepts help me retain the information by thinking about it more as I write. I also make flashcards using all information from quizzes, homework, review materials and the textbook so that I can use them to study for the test periodically up to taking the test.
Another practice that I find beneficial is paying attention during the review session in which the instructor goes over material that will be on the test. I take advantage of this opportunity to ask further clarification of areas that are not clear to me. I often ask the instructor to specify the areas that will be covered on the test if he or she doesn’t share them.
Lastly, I attempt to manage my studying time leading up to the day of the test so that I have sufficient time to study. At times, I’ve requested one on one time with the instructor and arrived early to class in the event I have further questions to ask the instructor.

Drake from Indiana
High School Senior
Valparaiso High School