Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I thought I knew how to study. Studying is finding how you learn and applying that to the new material, easy. That was until I took biology, chemistry, English and psychology classes all in the same semester. It didn't take long to realize that my usual way of studying worked well; in my English and psychology class. In my biology and Chemistry classes, it was leading me to an underwhelming C. With a third of the semester over I admitted that I needed to find a new to study.

My tried, and true method of studying is to read the material I need to know both before it is taught in class, then again after. I take notes and participate in discussions. With no trouble at all this allowed me to receive A's in my classes. It was the semester science classes that showed me studying shouldn't look the same for every course you take. If you want to do well across disciplines, you must learn many ways to study and apply the right technique to each class. It is critical to accept that you don't know how to study for everything and seek out ideas from others who are succeeding in class when you aren't.

For science classes I read the syllabus before class to know what material we will cover, I take exceptionally detailed notes, and after class, I read the chapters to compare my understanding to what was explained in the book. I write down questions that I have that are beyond what the class is covering, more complex than is required for the course. I try to find the answers for myself then I ask my professor to explain anything I have not found. Looking at more complex ideas and the application of theory allows me to answer questions that are more complicated than memorization of facts on exams. In college, the way I studied before isn't enough to fully understand and excel in science and math classes. As I move forward I am seeking out new ways to learn and adding them to my repertoire. I hope my method can help others get through their science classes.

Selena from Pennsylvania
College Junior
Selena Eisenberg