Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One of my main test preparations are to have a good start on the week, if I know I have a test in one of the upcoming weeks I will clear my schedule and focus on studying. I start by making flash cards and when I have time I study them throughout classes and right before I go to sleep. The day of my test I make sure to have a good breakfast and a good nights sleep and if my teacher gives me time before class I study some more because I know that studying in the class where the test is taking place is more helpful and gives the brain some remembrance of the information.
Another test preparation that I have is not the best but in times were my schedule is really busy with school work it works for me. I take notes in class on the test subjects and from that I formulate my own questions from what I think will be on the test and study the night before and throughout my classes and if the teacher gives me more time to study I will study some more and memorize key words that will help me on the test. Revising and repeating questions and notes help a ton when I have no time throughout my week to study and am crammed with other home chores.
Throughout all my years of taking tests out of these two preparations the first one has always been my godsend and has helped me a lot when preparing for my finals and test that are worth two letter grades.

Rosemary from California
High School Senior
Rosemary Villatoro