Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my educational career, I have extensively developed my test preparation practices. I’ve always incorporated standard studying techniques such as working in a distraction free environment, using study tools like flashcards, and utilizing online resources. As I progressed through courses in STEM, I have built on these basic tenants through my technical experiences in computer sciences. I have incorporated the Feynman Technique into my studies.
The Feynman Technique is useful in grasping complex concepts and allows you to pinpoint specific areas that you need to improve on. The Feynman Technique operates on the principle that if you understand a concept, you should be able to explain it in simple terms. The first step in the technique is to summarize the concept as simply as possible. After you have summarized the concept, go back through your explanation looking for areas that were either explained poorly or using complex language. This gives you areas of the concept that you still need to work on. You then study those specific areas. This is almost always more efficient than reviewing the whole concept, and benefits you by allowing you to work on specific areas in which you need to deepen your understanding. The process is then repeated until you are sufficiently prepared and understand the material fully. It’s almost like understanding a concept from the inside out, and breaking it down into easily digestible segments. I usually apply this concept when preparing for exams in different types of sciences, where a concept is better learned conceptually than just memorizing facts. This works best for me personally because I often grasp the general ideas, but sometimes need to focus in on a specific area. Utilizing the Feynman Technique, I am able to identify these specific areas and tailor my study to those specific concepts. I have found this technique to be simple to use, easily adaptable to the subject at hand, and extremely effective in my own studies.

Nicholas from California
High School Senior
San Marino High School