Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I study for a test I use various techniques, my favorite is to use flash cards. The process of creating the cards helps me to understand the material even more. I use all spare time in my schedule to study, I receive an hour lunch break , so I use the entire hour reading and or studying for tests. I work in a medical clinic and sometimes we have down time. While it's slow at work I use my time wisely by reading over my flash cards. One thing that helps prior to a test is to study when I'm best, so for me it's the early morning before my family wakes up. I have a difficult time staying up late in the night, but early morning around 4 am. I'm able to find time to reflect on material. My husband is very supportive, he enjoys helping me prepare for exams. I find it fun and entertaining to play games to make it fun to study by having my husband and older son quiz me on the question and answers. I have also used the method of utilizing my car's blue tooth, I can play books over audio in my car while I drive and absorb large amounts of information. I can use the time I spend at my children's activities to study also! I have read and did homework while my son is practicing basketball or soccer. My son is a boy scout and I also oversee at the meetings, sometimes I get time to study while the boys are busy doing activities. I also use multiple websites that help you study by providing mini quiz's and games, the websites are called quizlet or study.com they provide electronic tools to help you understand information. I hope my children watch and observe my behavior when it comes to preparing for an exam/test. I would want my children to use multiple ways of learning and use various resources to better their educational experience.

Shelby from California
College Freshman
Western Governors University