Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In regards to studying, I am generally interested in a topic that is beneficial to others that gives me a greater desire to actively engage in it.
My interest in studying is motivated by the desire to find solutions to people related issues. I easily take in information. I also tend to grasp information if the knowledge significantly expands boundaries of understanding that appeal to my feelings and moral values. I quite easily comprehend information.

I tend to mechanically memorize learned information . I have a high level tolerance for learning related stress. These are steps I've taken to improve my studying and have worked.

1. Reading textbook chapters and topics the test will cover. 2. Going over assignments, quizzes, handouts and daily work.
In most cases notes from the classroom might appear on the test.
3. Making studying a habitat and avoid last minute. 4. Narrow down distractions.
5. Get a comfortable and quiet study space.
6. Taking a walk before the test/exam.7.Get enough rest. 8. Relaxing.
9. Hand write notes and summarize it.
10. Making notebooks to jot down important information.
11. Mind map everything.
12. Figuring out whether you perform best in solitude or in a group.
13. Organization is key.

Atong from New Hampshire
High School Senior
Manchester Manchester High