Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I get the notice that I will have a test on a lesson I’ve learned, I get anxiety and begin to panic. I think to myself, “Will I pass this quiz or test?” Or, “What if I forget any of the material?” Trying to ease myself, I ask what kind of test this could be; Will this be multiple choice? Is there written constructive response questions? Is this going to be vocabulary— or is this test going to contain material from the lesson as a whole? Then develop a comfortable way to ensure that a passing grade is made.
If I know it’s a vocabulary quiz/test, then I will write down all the vocabulary terms mentioned; then I will identify which words I don’t comprehend and employ an application called, “Quizlet.” Quizlet is an amazing and easy way for me to learn my vocabulary terms. I can study and even test myself on the terms. Eventually, when I feel a little more confident I will try to apply the newly learned material to everyday experiences.
If I know that the test will be on the taught material I will make sure that I have all of my notes gathered. I carefully skim through the note and highlight anything I may not understand; sometimes I get too nervous to ask my teacher for extra help, I want to be like the rest of the class who knows and understands the material, whether they’re pretending to comprehend it or not. So when I feel too nervous to ask for extra help, then I will skim through the internet explore, until I see relatively similar lesson that could be online, then rewriting more in-depth notes on the particular subject. But if nothing helpful can be found on the internet explore; YouTube. I’ve been taking advantage of the YouTube app recently in watching lessons on just about everything. I use it for my math lessons and even Geography. I would definitely consider myself a visual learner, so seeing everything written out about a particular lesson with various explanations and examples seriously enhances the learning/studying experience.

Angel from Louisiana
High School Senior
Northwood High School