Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Great test preparation starts with learning. If I know what an assignment is early on, I will read it before I get to class and take notes. It makes in class note taking easier and you are already ahead and know some of the material going in. In class, I take more notes the material, clarify and ask questions. My notes may be sloppy, so when I get home I transfer and rewrite them clearly. This helps me be able to read them better and ingrain it in my brain by writing it again. I find it easier to study and review notes nightly rather than trying to cram everything in the night before. The way I study depends on the course. For example, math courses, the best way for me to study is to practice the problems over and over and memorize any formulas that I may need. If it's an economics course, history or language course, note cards are the way to go. Those courses are more about knowing the vocabulary or dates which fit perfectly on note cards. My styles of test preparation change depending on what I am working on. Mostly, I think practice makes perfect and doing a little each day is the most helpful strategy.

Erica from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Souderton Area High School