Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Writing is one of the oldest forms of human communication. Its vast and varied uses allow us to do anything from governing a country to leaving a grocery list on the kitchen counter. Unfortunately, with the rise of technology, many have neglected good writing skills in favor of electronic notes, communication, and even dating. Good writing skills are essential for students as numerous studies have shown that handwriting notes improves comprehension and “pen-pal” programs enhance students’ abilities to communicate with others. Writing skills have been a major factor in my education as I always choose to hand-write my notes in order to better retain the information presented to me by teachers. To best prepare for testing, I summarize my notes from the chapter or unit onto 4x6 note cards. This allows me to reorganize information that was previously in sections, into concepts. For each concept I include vocabulary, important people, formulas, and major headings. While making the cards I completely review the chapter and am able to better understand the information. I also create one card especially for concepts that I don’t understand. Prior to the test or quiz I stop into my teacher’s classroom to clarify the information I don't understand and allow them to verify that my other cards contain all important information.

Anne from Nebraska
High School Senior
Blair High School